The Badri Swaraj Group

badri green energy pvt. ltd

The family has formed a Private Limited Company “Badri Green Energy Pvt. Ltd” which is entering into industry of recycling plastic waste, rubbers and tyres and converts them into Furnace Oil. The family also plans to install a Gasifier Unit at Kareli, Distt. Narsinghpur for generating Electricity 1.5 MW through non conventional resource of Sugar Waste. Badri Green Energy Pvt. Ltd has been promoted by Mr. Shekhar Agrawal and Mr. Sunil Agrawal, a renowned business family of Jabalpur. Their ancestors settled in the city some 500 years back and this large family represents a strong business community of Jabalpur. The Family has a 60 years long track of business in Jabalpur and is currently involved with many successful businesses involving Petroleum Products, Commercial vehicles, Construction Equipments, Consumer Durables, Cable TV and Media, School Education and Plantation.We have gained good knowledge and insights into projects which can generate energy from Bio Gas (from Human and Animal Excreta, from Agri Waste and from Industrial Waste). We have also studied solar projects. The promoters also studied recycling of waste including plastics & polythene, PET bottles, E waste, rubber and tyres.
Its major objective is Development and Establishment of Advanced and Efficient clean Technologies to produce and market Renewable/ Alternate Fuels and Electricity.