The Badri Swaraj Group

agrawal motors jabalpur

TheThe firm has more than 50 years of history in Automotive dealerships. During this course of last 50 years of business background of the family, it has done many business ventures and widened its experience in the trade. Due to new opportunities they were closed down. A few of them are:

The firm was one of the largest sellers of Office Equipments including Intercoms, Display Boards, and Drawing Equipments etc. in the region of Central MP.

The firm was the first to start computer education in Jabalpur in the year 1985.

The firm had the largest video library of Jabalpur, started in 1982, which was closed down in the year 1985.

The firm was also dealer of Kinetic Mopeds and Scooters for 7 years.

The firm had been pioneer in group financing of various two wheelers, consumer durables and others with help of Citi Bank, Tata Finance etc.

Over the years the showrooms of the firm have dealt with numerous products and marketed them to Institutions, Groups and others.

The firm was also one of the first to enter financing of Four Wheelers to promote their sales of products.

The promoters also had a popular evening newspaper of the city, titled “Siti Mirror”.

The firm has successfully conducted many events and shows and their event on Diwali Sales is a one of the popular show of this town.

The Trust has executing, which is always to the service of the poor. 

All the family business is run from their own property.